The Big Lie: Remanufactured Cartridges Void Warranties

By   October 16, 2015

Don’t let the conglomerate industry manufactures intimidate you, Greene Concepts (Inkway USA) products work as well and frequently outperform OEM cartridges. Manufactures frequently try to sway you to purchase their over-priced ink and toner products but, The Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act states Warrantors (manufactures) cannot require that only branded parts be used with the product in order to retain the original warranty coverage.

Two CartridgesThousands of happy Inkway USA customers can’t be wrong. It is our mission is to save you money. Our customers are saving hundreds, even thousands every year in their homes, businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations. They are trying to frighten us, but why? The more YOU spend on THEIR cartridges, the more THEY make. This is simple math to the big guys and now it is simple math to the rest of us too (read “The Myth: OEM superior to Remanufactured”).